New to Tanning Services - The Pro Cyclone Tent Extraction Unit


Coming in at just 22 x 23 x 24cm the Pro Cyclone would make an ideal addition to a mobile therapist. This small but powerful extraction unit weights less than 5KG with a strong sturdy handle built in for easy transportation. Our unique design with adjustable front feet gives you maximum extraction from a portable unit. By adjusting the front feet to put the Cyclone on the highest level, this will increase the extraction area catching and extracting the over spray higher up than other floor standing extraction units. The Cyclone also gives you the freedom to perform spray tanning in a variety of conditions from UN level floors to soft or tiled surfaces. 
Rated at 86W the Pro Cyclone fan runs at 177CFM 2800RPM. 
Built to take the rigours of a busy salon or mobile therapist the Pro Cyclone has a solid metal box construction with built in anti vibration rubber feet for stability. Manufactured in the UK by Tanning Services UK Ltd

Pro UK Cyclone Compact Portable Extraction Unit - NEW FOR 2020

SKU: 4788731569087685
  • Features

    • Compact light weight portable spray tanning extraction unit
    • Adjustable Front feet
    • Moisture Proof On/Off Switch
    • Easy sturdy carry handle incorporated on the unit
    • Red illuminated on / off switch
    • The filter is easily accessible for maintenance
    • 2 stage filtration filters
    • Rubber feet for stability and noise reduction
    • Safety grills to ensure consumer safety
    • High efficiency 7 bladed fan for maximum reliability, durability and longevity.
    • This unique extraction system works in tandem with all industry HVLP spray tanning machines to meet and exceed overspray extraction recommendations
    • Over Spray is whisked away from you and your client to ensure you both breathe pure, uncontaminated air.

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